Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy #1) by J. R. Ward

When Paradise enrolls into the Black Dagger training program, the first person she looks for is the shy guy she’d met at her receptionist posting. The person who first catches her eye, though, is her annoying friend Peyton. Within minutes of the First Night starting things begin to look bad but Paradise doesn’t have any intention of heading the same way the rest of the glymera females had done for centuries and so she fights.

This spin-off series fits nicely into the Black Dagger Brothers series and offers some new characters with needs of their own. As with all of Ward’s books, there are plenty of adult scenes to ramp up the romance and the intensity of her character building has remained strong. Her strong male and female leads are powerfully driven and exciting.

If you are looking to scratch a romantic itch with a little hardcore vampire action and you want to immerse yourself in the well-created and vastly detailed world look no further.

Blood Kiss


Rock Hard Mountain Man: A Bad boy Billionaire Romance by Rye Hart

When Maggie’s mother dies, leaving her two teenage brothers home alone, Maggie leaves college and moves back to hold her family together. With a dead-end job and no end of unpaid bills, she takes a new job in the newly located billionaire’s cabin on the mountainside. Little does she know that she will be getting more than she bargained for with Tyler Jenner.

This short romance set the scene, made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes all in a very short word count. Maggie is a sweet but not too innocent virgin and Tyler is your typical playboy at first glance but things soon change and the dynamic is good if a little short. I really feel this book would benefit from a few extra pages but it’s a good romance, regardless.