Miss Frost Ices the Imp: A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost #2) by Kristen Painter

Jayne is enjoying her new role as the manager of the toyshop. She likes working with her best friend Juniper but the best thing about being in Nocturne Falls has to be her boyfriends, both of them. Greyson is a cute vampire with a sexy Irish accent and Cooper is a summer elf who was her first love back in college. She cannot possibly choose between the pair.

Her life becomes complicated once more when she opens a box and lets trouble out. What do you do when your cat starts talking?

Jayne is such a likable character that you can’t help but care about her but as for her love life I can’t help but wonder what’s on her mind. She needs to choose and my vote is on the vampire. Painter describes Jayne’s need for sweet treats too well, I can picture each and every dessert in detail and I’m not sure that’s a good thing because I’m now craving pastries, ice-cream, oh and a talking cat.


Miss frost ices the imp


Murder Any Witch Way (Brimstone Bay #1) by N. M. Howell

The witches in Brimstone Bay are just as shaken as the rest of the inhabitants when a young girl is found murdered. It’s bad news for the Shadow Festival and anyone else with a little magic in them. River is sucked into the mystery and soon finds herself a potential victim of a killer who is trying to frame her friends.

This, not so average, murder mystery is set in an interesting world full of supernatural creatures who live alongside regular humans. It gives an interesting edge to the mystery as do the ghosts who help to solve the case. The added possibility of a future romance sets up interest for the rest of the series.


Murder Any Witch Way


Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case: A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost #1) by Kristen Painter

When Jayne’s father, Jack frost, sends her on a secret mission Jayne is thrilled to be outside the North Pole. She sees the job as a chance to improve her skills and her worth but the job gives her more than she bargains for. When she learns to care for the inhabitants of the strange town of Nocturne falls, she knows exactly what she could lose when she eventually reveals her true identity.

I was immediately drawn by the cover of this book and I’m glad I was. Jayne’s character is sweet and funny and the book sits between the fantasy, mystery, and fairy tale genres perfectly. Jayne made me laugh and the balance of characters worked well together. I also appreciated the mixture of fantasy and modern day technology and the Nocturne Falls setting was a good touch of both.


Miss frost solves a cold case

Suspended (Vagabond Circus #1) by Sarah Noffke

Finley joins the circus full of Dream Travelers for one reason but he must keep that reason a secret along with his past. That isn’t easy with Zuma, his new aerial partner, being a telepath. With Dave’s rules life at the circus should run smoothly but Finley’s feelings get in the way and not only is he bound to break rules but he may also break trust.

There is always an air of magic and mystery around the circus and Noffke has really brought that out with her gifted characters and Dream Travel world. The Romeo and Juliet-style romance enhances the story along with a third party.

The book did seem to end just as it got to a really interesting part which is a shame but I guess now I’ll to buy the next instalment in the series.



All of Us Were Sophie by Resa Nelson

Sophie knows that someone is trying to kill her and the only way to ensure that she survives is to duplicate herself. She needs to unravel the clues and solve the puzzle before the killer can find her, but when she finds that her last two weeks of memory are missing this becomes an even harder task. She needs to work out where Jack is and what happened to him, but the clues lead her to more danger.

This book is quite unique with its science fiction aspects. It’s a cross between sci-fi and a cosy mystery with a small amount of action and suspense. The plot was complicated and sometimes a little hard to follow but well worth it. Sophie’s husband Jack is a bit two dimensional but the author gave all three duplicates a separate personality even though they were clones, and they worked well. I think it would work better as a film because of the potential visual aspects.


All of us were Sophie

Pines by Blake Crouch

Ethan Burke wakes up in a strange place with a huge gap in his memory. He knows that he works for the secret Service, but without his ID and badge, he’s going to have a hard time proving it to the people of Wayward Pines.

This book takes us through a harrowing few days in Ethan’s life, beginning on the day that he wakes up by the river. The reader can feel his frustration and anger, the fear and the futility of his actions. We watch as he rides the rollercoaster of his life where nothing is as it seems. The story unfolds slowly building layers of mystery and Ethan just can’t seem to break through them.

This book is full of suspense and doesn’t reveal much until the very end. Ethan’s is someone you can sympathize with, and the problems he goes through make you sit on the edge of your chair, biting your fingernails. The town itself is creepy enough to terrorize the reader, and it just gets creepier. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, and having just found that it is being made into a TV series, I think I will indulge in that as well.



Friday on my Mind by Nicci French

I started this series on book number five, thanks to a deal on the audio price, but I didn’t notice that it was part of a series so it obviously works very well as a standalone.

Frieda Klein is a complicated woman and getting into her mind-set, having not read previous books in the series, was difficult. She’s intelligent and logical but not predictable. I enjoyed following the mystery from her point of view although I had my reservations about her own motives. The author unravelled the story in a way that it was impossible to foresee what would happen and that mystery was exciting. I have now put the rest of the series on my reading list but I think this time I should start at the beginning.