Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy #1) by J. R. Ward

When Paradise enrolls into the Black Dagger training program, the first person she looks for is the shy guy she’d met at her receptionist posting. The person who first catches her eye, though, is her annoying friend Peyton. Within minutes of the First Night starting things begin to look bad but Paradise doesn’t have any intention of heading the same way the rest of the glymera females had done for centuries and so she fights.

This spin-off series fits nicely into the Black Dagger Brothers series and offers some new characters with needs of their own. As with all of Ward’s books, there are plenty of adult scenes to ramp up the romance and the intensity of her character building has remained strong. Her strong male and female leads are powerfully driven and exciting.

If you are looking to scratch a romantic itch with a little hardcore vampire action and you want to immerse yourself in the well-created and vastly detailed world look no further.

Blood Kiss


Christmas with the Vampire (Heartblaze) by Shay Roberts

Beatrix is driving through Europe looking for adventure and that’s exactly what she finds when she’s stranded in a Czech village on Christmas Eve. Straying from the town after dark is something the townsfolk warn against but Beatrix follows the delicious scent of pastries into the arms of Augustin, the sweet sad vampire.

This is a beautiful little story that gives an added layer to the Heartblaze series that I’ve become quite hooked on. Roberts has the ability to create short stories without losing character strength or plot. The setting for this story was quite Gothic but the modern touches brought a reality to it. A nice addition.

Christmas with the Vampire

Hell Hounds are for Suckers (Vampires of San Francisco #2) by Jessica McBrayer

Hannah has been watching her friends pair up and is starting to feel the squeeze of being single. She doesn’t want to spend eternity on her own and as a vampire eternity is what she is facing. Then, she finds a small growling dog who immediately takes a liking to her and she’s suddenly not quite so alone.

It doesn’t take long before she realises that Hades isn’t a regular pooch and his real owner arrives shortly after looking too pretty for his own good.

This is a light and humorous book so don’t expect something deep and meaningful. You can expect a romance with a cute puppy thrown in and that was good enough for me. Hannah is an amusing character with all of the flaws and self-doubt of a human, even though she is not one. I also like the fact that she calls herself ganja girl because it’s unique in a vampire setting.

Diel is the demon we all want to meet and they are thrown together by the hell hound. It’s a cute story and it made me laugh and sometimes that’s enough.

hell hounds are for suckers

Witch Sense by Alexis Kade

Lara is a natural witch, her best friend is a ritual witch, and her ex-boyfriend is something else entirely. Lara becomes entangled in a stream of bad situations, most of which are not of her making. Between her ex-boyfriend, who has changed himself into a wolf, and a crazed killer who now has her on her radar she is in a sticky fix.

Kade has created an interesting world which boasts many differences from other paranormal stories. Lara’s character has a great witchy ability, and she teams up with various other characters who have equally interesting abilities. The story works really well and kept me hooked from the start. I like that the romance took a back seat but was present as an undercurrent throughout the story.

I think there could be more stories woven into the magical world in the future.

Witch Sense

Big Vamp on Campus (Half-Moon Hollow #5.5) by Molly Harper

Ophelia has been terrorising humans and vampires alike for centuries. After being caught spending Council funds on a little sweet revenge she is sent to college with her undead boyfriend as a punishment. Slowly she begins to settle on campus and make friends, but not before some shocking violence and an Ophelia style ‘hissy fit’.

This is a very different addition to the world of Half-Moon Hollow. Ophelia is a prickly character and bases her undead life on cute twin sets, dry wit, and unashamed acts of intimidation. The reader gets a very rare insight into what makes her spiky and terrifying. In this novella we get to see her blossom into a regular teenager: or as near to one as she’s ever going to get.

If you’re hooked on the series then this is not to be missed.

Big Vamp on Campus

Fever Claim ( The Sigma Menace #1) by Marie Johnston

Cassie can’t believe it when she is dumped two weeks before her wedding. Her relationship with Grant might not have been the most passionate affair but she had thought she could depend on him. When her best friend drags her to their local club, a place she’d been with her ex, she decided to line up the shots and drown her despair. The hot bartender had other ideas. Jace wasn’t her type, in more ways than she could imagine, but she soon found herself in his arms having the most delicious time.

This novel sets up a scene where the reader can imagine any number of things that are about to go wrong. The reader cannot guess, however, at the trouble Cassie has walked into. This is a hot romance with a whole team of baddies to keep the couple in perpetual conflict. Cassie’s job in psychology gives the story a unique little twist and brings out the vulnerable in Bennett. The fast pace and the good line up of characters keep the reader hooked. This is a great start to the series and I’m particularly looking forward to reading more about Bennett, and the feisty Kaitlyn.

Fever Claim