Saved by the Woodsman by Eddie Cleveland

Ashley’s life seems perfect from the outside. She has a career and a whole load of followers on Instagram along with her perfect new fiancé. She has spent years honing herself to be the darling princess of selfies or to be precise belfies. When she decides the celebrate her engagement in a snowy resort her perfect life begins to crack and she takes off.

When Sawyer first sees her he’s tempted to leave her to freeze in the snow but once thawed he treats her to some valuable lessons and uncovers the mystery behind her façade. When the storm stops they must both choose.

I initially picked this book up for its cover, well done Cleveland it was a good choice. I am really glad that I found it because it hit all my requirements for a good romance and fulfilled my cabin in the woods fantasy too.

Ashley was shallow in the beginning and I was worried for a bit but it didn’t last long and I was soon emotionally attached to her. Sawyer was an enigma for just a little longer but the conflict between the pair was delicious and that’s exactly what I want to see in a good romance. Their relationship didn’t come easy and their separate issues had to be overcome before they allowed themselves to sink into their relationship. The story made me laugh and cry and then ended well. Perfect.



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